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International Holocaust Remembrance Day Honors Those Lost And Those Who Survived

International Holocaust Remembrance Day. It’s a time to not only remember and honor all those who lost their lives in the Holocaust, but it's also a chance to ensure that we “never forgets” those tragic and horrific events that took place in Jewish communities around the world.

On January 27, 1945, Nazi Germany’s largest concentration and extermination camp – Auschwitz-Birkenau – was liberated. For many, Auschwitz came to represent the horrors inflicted by the Nazi regime and its systematic effort to annihilate Europe's Jewish population. Decades later, January 27th, was established as International Holocaust Remembrance Day – a day when people remember and commemorate the six million Jews who perished, those who survived, and those precious survivors who are still with us today.

It is these valuable stories and personal histories from Holocaust survivors (both first Generation and Second Generations) that truly tells the story here. For those who follow and connect with us on social media and our own SIHC news page, you've read about the impact the Holocaust had in Staten Island through survivor's stories and by keeping their stories and memories alive.

Those stories were told from the ghettos and concentration camps from across Europe and down through history, just as much as they are echoed here on Staten Island. Just as we honor the memory of the six million Jews who were murdered, we must also honor and support those who survived. And time is running out. Most of the Holocaust survivors living in the US are over 85 years of age. And over one-third live in poverty. They deserve to live with comfort and dignity and to know that the stories of what they endured and the horrors of the Holocaust will be remembered, so that they may never be repeated again.

Today, as we remember and honor International Holocaust Remembrance Day, we also champion the need to further and enhance Holocaust Education in our communities. That’s why we are so excited to partner with The Ninth Candle to offer Holocaust Education Programming for Middle School and High School students across Staten Island. Join us in improving and learning about Holocaust Education by honoring the memories of those lost in the Holocaust, and the stories of Holocaust survivors around the world and on Staten Island.

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