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Staten Island Holocaust Center and The Ninth Candle Partner To Offer Holocaust Education Programming

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Staten Island, New York -- In an effort to improve Holocaust education and learning across the state of New York, the Staten Island Holocaust Center and The Ninth Candle announce their partnership to offer a one-of-a-kind experience centered on Holocaust Education Programming for Middle School and High School students in Staten Island.

The announcement comes as the two nonprofit organizations commemorate International Holocaust Remembrance Day on Friday, January 27.

Created with the goal of educating and informing community members in Staten Island on the local and global impact of the Holocaust, the Staten Island Holocaust Center (SIHC) and The Ninth Candle are committed to ending antisemitism and improving the way the Holocaust is taught. Through this joint venture the organizations are offering a unique opportunity and experience for Staten Island schools and students through a combination of local stories, real artifacts, and expert-led inquiry based learning you won’t find anywhere else.

SIHC provides a safe space to learn about the Holocaust with our archives, programs, and events. Through the use of exhibits and special programs, SIHC serves as a Holocaust education center for the universities, 63,105 students attending 81 public schools, numerous yeshivas, parochial and private schools across Staten Island.

SIHC commemorates the individual stories of survivors, victims, bystanders, resistors, G.I. 's who liberated Nazi camps as a means to combat anti-Semitism and all forms of prejudice. In addition to serving as a place to document the history of the Jewish community on Staten Island, Staten Island Holocaust Center inspires future generations to build a world based on mutual respect

"Education is the most powerful tool for changing the world,” said SIHC President, Rachel Borenstein.

“It's time to honor our Holocaust Survivors and to ensure that future generations “never forget”. The Staten Island Holocaust Center and The Ninth Candle are thrilled to be collaborating on this shared goal."

The Ninth Candle's mission is to end antisemitism by sharing knowledge. We fulfill this mission through educational programs for students and professional development programs for teachers across the United States.

"The combination of The Staten Island Holocaust Center’s locally-sourced collection of art and artifacts with The Ninth Candle's innovative inquiry-based approach to Holocaust education, will create something that won't be found anywhere else,” said The Ninth Candle, Founder, Dr. Luke Berryman.

The Ninth Candle designs programs in collaboration with schools to help people to understand what the Holocaust was, and how and why it happened at the time and in the place that it did. Students are taught to ask questions, research answers, and present their findings. This process gets them to build coherent historical narratives by assembling and analyzing documentary evidence. Meanwhile, we equip educators with the materials and resources that they need to teach this difficult subject in depth and with confidence. Our programs are always offered free of charge.

If you have questions or would like further information about Holocaust Education programming, please contact the Staten Island Holocaust Center and The Ninth Candle.


Rachel Borenstein (SIHC, President)

(917) 855-0279



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