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85,000 8th Graders To Receive Holocaust Education at Museum of Jewish Heritage Over Next Three Years

Randi Weingarten said it best. 

The President of the American Federation of Teachers, which includes and covers NYC public school teachers, offered his insight on the rise of antisemitism across the United States amongst middle school students in particular. 

“We can’t just say hate has no harbor,” Weingarten stated at a press conference after it was announced that New York City will send tens of thousands of students to Manhattan’s Holocaust museum to learn about Jewish history and the impact of antisemitism.

“We know that, but we’re fighting against TikTok and social media and 30-second videos. This is why educators say, ‘OK, what’s the next step?’ And the next step is education.”

According to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 85,000 eighth graders from public and private school will visit the Museum of Jewish Heritage over the next three years under the new initiative. That number is on top of the 40,000 students from fifth through 12th grade who already visit the museum each year. 

Read more about how New York officials will use museum visits and Holocaust education programs to combat the rise of hate. 



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