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  • What is the difference between WCHC and SIHC?
    The Staten Island Holocaust Center (SIHC) was established in 2020 and is the only Jewish Museum on Staten Island. As set forth in SIHC most recent mission statement: “Never forget” the Holocaust. By exhibits and special programs serve as a Holocaust education center for the 63,105 students attending 81 public schools, numerous yeshivas, parochial and private schools on Staten Island. Commemorate the individual stories of survivors, victims, bystanders, resistors, G.I.’s who liberated Nazi camps as a means to combat anti-Semitism and all forms of prejudice. Provide a physical space for Holocaust artifacts. Serve as a place to document the history of the Jewish community on Staten Island. Inspire future generations to build a world based on mutual respect- ואהבת לרעך כמוך Wagner College Holocaust Center (WCHC) is part of Wagner College establish in 2014 and is an educational center. As set forth in WCHC most recent mission statement: To promote education about the impact of prejudice, intolerance, and antisemitism, as a critical component ofˇ 21st century learning; to engage youth and community members, with special attention to creating ties to local Holocaust survivors to ensure that the persecution and genocide of the Jews and others during and since World War II are never forgotten or repeated. For more information on WCHC, please see
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