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More than 50,000 Holocaust survivors live in the New York Metropolitan area, with hundreds on Staten Island.  In every borough of New York City, there is a place dedicated to remembering the Holocaust – a place where you can learn about that dark time in history, the people it affected, and reflect upon its lasting impact on the world today.


Staten Island was the only borough without a building dedicated to remembering the Holocaust.  We have formed the Staten Island Holocaust Center (SIHC).  We have rectified that situation.


This is an important project considering the current climate of intolerance, the existence of Holocaust deniers, and rising anti-Semitism.


Now, after years of planning and effort, we are proud to announce the launching of an exciting important new project for Staten Island.


SIHC is a not-for-profit corporation under New York law and have received 501c(3) status from the Internal Revenue Code.


It is our hope that the Staten Island Holocaust Center will become a place where history can be remembered and interpreted, ensuring that the atrocities of our past will not be forgotten or repeated.

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