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Photography Exhibit at The Museum of Jewish Heritage Honors and Tells Story of Holocaust Survivors

There's a new must-see photo exhibit and artistic experience in New York that serves as a timely reminder about honoring Holocaust Survivors and for us to “never forget”.

The Museum of Jewish Heritage – A Living Memorial to the Holocaust is highlighting the work of world-renowned photographer Martin Schoeller in an exhibit that is set to run throughout the winter. Equally touching and telling, entitled “Survivors: Faces of Life after the Holocaust,” the exhibit includes 75 incredible photographs taken in Schoeller’s personal style which uses intense lighting and extreme close-ups.

Opened in September 2022, the exhibit at The Museum of Jewish Heritage, originated by Martin Schoeller and Yad Vashem, was created to mark the 75th anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz, as Schoeller photographed these Holocaust survivors and created a short film documenting the process. The exhibition includes the entire body of work including the film, bios, and quotes from the sitters.

The Survivors VR video below featuring Schoeller helps share some of these amazing stories by examining the many faces of life after the Holocaust.

Born in Germany in 1969, Schoeller is one of the world’s most prominent contemporary portrait photographers thanks to his signature style of extreme close-up portraiture that has been utilized across his career, whether his subject is a celebrity or a Holocaust survivor, encouraging the viewer to draw comparisons “between his subjects, challenging a viewer’s existing notions of celebrity, value, and honesty.”

The messages are essential and galvanizing towards love and action. Sara Leicht z”l (1929 – 2021) told Schoeller, “The most important thing we can do is to love. To love more and to love everyone. To be kinder, more humble and more generous, and to be better people.

To love our fellow human beings, whoever they are.” Eva Lavi (b. 1937) shared her mandate: “We have much work to do in order to convince the world that the worst thing is baseless hatred. The world should stay away from hatred, from antisemitism and Holocaust denial, and from all forms of evil.”

Learn more about “Survivors: Faces of Life after the Holocaust” now showing at The Museum of Jewish Heritage.



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