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Celebrating Staten Island Resident and Holocaust Survivor, Margot Capell Never Gets Old

It remains one of our favorite times of the year at the Staten Island Holocaust Center.

The chance to honor Staten Island resident and Holocaust Survivor, Margot Capell, as she celebrates her 102 birthday today. Recently, Margot said the blessing on the Lolav and Estrog for the Sukkoth Holiday during a visit with Staten Island Holocaust President, Rachel Borenstein.

Those who count Margot as a friend, family member, community member, and gift to people in the neighborhood of Dongan Hills in Staten Island, know her story fondly. Born in Ingenheim, Germany in 1920, Margot was only a teenager when she fled to England (and later the United States) after her hometown became hostile upon Adolf Hitler coming to power in 1933. Sadly, Margot's parents were not able to escape and later died in a concentration camp in Poland. Through the heartache over the years, Margot has persevered and has been an inspiration each time she has courageously shared her story of survival and resiliency from Germany to Staten Island.

*Video credited to Staten Island Advance

Margo's story truly is a timely reminder about how should continue to cherish Holocaust Survivors and honor their lasting legacy while they are still with us.

From all of us here at the Staten Island Holocaust Center, we wish Margot Capell a very special Happy Birthday!

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