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Furthering Holocaust Education in NYC with College-Age Visitors

When it comes to furthering the discussion about the Holocaust, City University of New York (CUNY) is placing a focus on providing private tours of the Museum of Jewish Heritage.

On one single day -- March 15 -- close to 100 students who volunteered for the visit toured the museum. It's all part of a partnership with CUNY that started last year and is an attempt to engage a college-age audience across New York City and beyond, particularly with antisemitism on campuses around the country rising following the attacks in Israel on October 7. According to the Museum of Jewish Heritage, they're striving to make the experience a more personal visit by training more college-age educators, increasing the number of college-age visitors, and by continuing to combat the misinformation about the Holocaust.

The Museum is also discussing with other universities in the New York area who would like to partner together in offering more opportunities on Holocaust and antisemitism education.

In addition to the private tours, the museum launched a Holocaust Educator School Partnership program which trains college interns to teach about the Holocaust in New York high schools. After starting with three trainees, the program has grown to 10 trainees (most of whom are not Jewish) with plans to have trained 25 interns by this summer.



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