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Staten Island Holocaust Survivor, Goldie Schwartz, Honored Posthumously

It's a touching story of survival that still has an impact across Staten Island to this day.

Recently, the Long Island Holocaust Remembrance Group held their Yom Ha'Shoah gathering in West Hempstead in remembrance of the victims of the Holocaust, and also those who courageously overcame the odds to survive the Holocaust like Staten Island's late Goldie Schwartz. Originally from Czechoslovakia and later residing in Willowbrook, Goldie was part of the Emmy-winning 2019 interview series entitled, "Where Life Leads You" which detailed how Goldie lost her parents and siblings in Auschwitz and was transferred to another concentration camp in Stutthof, Germany, before the liberation.

“She’s very clear and honest about her experiences during the tragic time of the Shoah,” said Larry Rosenberg, Program Chair of Schwartz and what she endured.

"It’s not a focus on what I’m going to call macro-history, the places, the numbers, we know that. But this is one particular person’s experience, which we can call micro-history. And I think that enables us to better connect with what the experience really was...At the end of the day, although she doesn’t say this, she’s a thankful person and that is so odd. You would think that someone who went through Hell on Earth would be a bitter person, but she’s not."

While the beloved Goldie Schwartz passed away in January, 2019 her memory during a time when many celebrate 75 years of Israel, lives on thanks to her incredible journey of perseverance and survival.



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