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Standing Together In Staten Island Against Antisemitism With Shine A Light

Throughout the month of December, we are proud to stand together with our Jewish community, organizations, and leaders in raising our voices against antisemitism with the Shine A Light campaign.

That's why we are joining the JCC of Staten Island in dispelling the darkness. Recently, the JCC of Staten Island and CEO, Orit Lender, shared their sentiments on the importance of taking part in Shine A Light:

"Anti-Semitism sadly continues to be on the rise across the country, as well as in our own state. We are saddened by the news of yet another potential Anti-Semitic incident, this time in our own community. At the JCC, we will continue to stand strong against Anti-Semitism whenever we see it. I am grateful to our local leaders for confronting the issue of anti-Semitism head on and encourage everyone to join us as we stand up against hate in our borough. In response, we are taking additional precautions to ensure the safety of our members, participants, and staff. We are following our security protocols, which include working with the NYPD, the DA’s office, UJA, and JCRC’s Community Security Initiative which connects us to many law enforcement agencies. We are also grateful for our partner COJO’s efforts in coordinating security for the Jewish community on Staten Island. We continue to believe that the answer to hate is love, and we hope you will join us and our partner organization, UJA, to Shine a Light on Anti-Semitism on Monday, December 19th at 5pm in Times Square (Broadway and 47th Street). Shine a Light aims to dispel the darkness and to say publicly, “enough is enough.” We hope you’ll participate in this national demonstration as we stand shoulder to shoulder with our greater community and allies." -- CEO, Orit Lender

At the Staten Island Holocaust Center, we echo these words and stand alongside the JCC of Staten Island and our fellow Jewish organizations and leaders in taking a stand against antisemitism with Shine A Light.

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