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SIHC Holocaust Education Programming Featured In Staten Island Advance

Staten Island Holocaust Center would like to thank the Staten Island Advance for featuring SIHC's and the Ninth Candle's Holocaust Education Programming on their website, as a way to help spread the word about a unique opportunity for Middle School and High School students across Staten Island to learn about the Holocaust.

“Education is the most powerful tool for changing the world,” said SIHC President Rachel Borenstein. “It’s time to honor our Holocaust Survivors and to ensure that future generations ‘never forget’! The Staten Island Holocaust Center and The Ninth Candle are thrilled to be collaborating on this shared goal.”

While SIHC is dedicated to honoring the past, present, and future of Holocaust Education through individual art, exhibits, archives, and by documenting local history connected to the Holocaust, the Ninth Candle's mission is to end anti-Semitism by sharing knowledge and equipping teachers to education students on this important historical event.

You can read the full story at the Staten Island Advance.



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