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Recent AJC Study Reveals Latino Attitudes Toward Jews, Antisemitism, and Israel

The numbers are in and they reveal a very interesting yet alarming story.

A new American Jewish Committee (AJC) study of Latino Millennial and Gen Z leaders in the United States reveals a troubling disconnect between this growing segment of the American population and the Jewish community. Despite the growing number of antisemitic incidents over the past several years, 52% of Latinos, ages 18-40, say they perceive that Jews, in comparison to other minority groups, are facing the least amount of discrimination. 34% said the Jewish community is experiencing significant levels of discrimination, and 54% disagreed.

Moreover, 42% of young Latinos say the Jewish community is well-positioned to fend for itself, while 39% say Jews need the support and collaboration of the Hispanic community.

“Amidst rising levels of antisemitism, including violent attacks on Jews across the United States, the misperceptions among younger Latino adults of the threats American Jews are facing are disconcerting,” said Dina Siegel Vann, Director of AJC’s Belfer Institute for Latino and Latin American Affairs (AJC BILLA). “The Latino and Jewish communities must bridge these gaps, especially when both minorities are targets of hate. We need to stand together as one against bigotry and violence in America.”

Discussion of the study will be the focus of the National Conversation of the State of Latino-Jewish Relations that AJC BILLA will convene with leaders of both communities on April 27 in Washington, D.C.

Read the full article at the American Jewish Committee's official website.

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