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Jewish American Heritage Month Continues To Grow 17 Years Later

The arrival of May not only welcomes the Spring season but also a month-long celebration of Jewish American Heritage. Honoring the rich history and culture of Jewish communities and individuals across the United States, Jewish American Heritage Month will be commemorated with events, programs, and festivals throughout May.

It is an annual tradition that continues to grow. Jewish American History Month began as an effort by the Jewish Museum of Florida and South Florida Jewish community leaders and was established in 2006 by President George W. Bush to "honor the contributions and achievements of Jewish Americans and to educate all Americans".

During May, hundreds of organizations and Americans of all backgrounds are joining together to discover, explore, and celebrate the vibrant and varied American Jewish experience from the dawn of the United States to the present day. Each year, May and Jewish American Heritage Month begins with a proclamation from the President recognizing the contributions, influence, achievements, and resiliency of Jewish Americans across the United States, and those Jewish Americans around the world.

As President Joseph Biden's proclamation noted:

This Jewish American Heritage Month, let us join hands across faiths, races, and backgrounds to make clear that evil, hate, and antisemitism will not prevail. Let us honor the timeless values, contributions, and culture of Jewish Americans, who carry our Nation forward each and every day. And let us rededicate ourselves to the sacred work of creating a more inclusive tomorrow, protecting the diversity that defines who we are as a Nation, and preserving the dignity of every human being — here at home and around the world.

Now 17 years since being established, Jewish American Heritage Month lives on in the face of antisemitism and the obstacles Jewish American's continue to overcome to make their own history.



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