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Help Support Staten Island Holocaust Center On International Holocaust Remembrance Day

As we take time to remember those impacted by the Holocaust with International Holocaust Remembrance Day on Thursday, January 27, we approach you openly to ask for your support.

My name is Rachel Borenstein and I am the president of the Staten Island Holocaust Center (SIHC). I am also a second generation Holocaust survivor and my mission is to preserve the legacy of the Holocaust and heroism for the children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren of those who were in the Holocaust.

I embrace the will of my family not to forget.

On the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau in 1945 and the United Nations designating International Holocaust Remembrance Day, our mission at SIHC remains as strong as ever.

We are working diligently on erecting a physical site in Staten Island to further our cause and are actively communicating through our official SIHC website and social media platforms to help educate and grow our community together.

Our Holocaust Education subcommittee has already formed relationships with Staten Island high schools, universities, and community centers and have commenced propagation of our extensive Holocaust Education programs. Our efforts along with our message for our community’s education systems and across our social media channels continues to gain a lot of resonance. Unfortunately, without your support and donations we will not be able to sustain and grow SIHC, as all activities are done voluntarily and are self-funded.

In an effort to commemorate the memory of the Holocaust for future generations on International Holocaust Remembrance Day, please consider giving any amount you can to help support our programs, events, and on-going mission at the Staten Island Holocaust Center.

Thank you,

Rachel Borenstein


Staten Island Holocaust Center



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