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Help Give To The Staten Island Holocaust Center On GivingTuesday

It’s that time of the year again! GivingTuesday is back today with the opportunity for you to help support the Staten Island Holocaust Center (SIHC) during the global day of generosity.

With the GivingTuesday movement inspiring people and organizations around the world to transform their communities and their day-to-day life, today is the perfect chance to donate to the Staten Island Holocaust Center as a way to strengthen our art collection, archives, and our Holocaust education programs.

In 2020, the Staten Island Holocaust Center became the first Jewish museum on Staten Island dedicated to ensuring we “never forget” the Holocaust. Thanks to SIHC art exhibits and special programs, we are committed to furthering Holocaust education for the 63,105 students attending 81 public schools, numerous yeshivas, parochial and private schools on Staten Island. In addition, the Staten Island Holocaust Center commemorates the individual stories of survivors, victims, bystanders, resistors, and G.I.’s who liberated Nazi camps as a means to combat antisemitism and all forms of prejudice.

Without your support and financial gifts, our art exhibits, archives, and Holocaust education programs wouldn’t be possible for our community on Staten Island.

Connect with the Staten Island Holocaust Center (SIHC) on Instagram,Facebook, and LinkedIn and help show your support of the Staten Island Holocaust Center (SIHC) by making a tax-deductible donation today!



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