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Former MIT Professor Who Took Stand Against Antisemitism Joins Yeshiva University

If you don't know the name Mauricio Karchmer, you will after hearing his compelling story about bravery and doing the right thing.

Karchmer (pictured above with Rabbi Dr. Ari Berman, left) made headlines recently as the Jewish professor and computer scientist resigned from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) over its poor handling of antisemitism. After five years at MIT, Karchmer is now the newest addition to the staff at New York’s Yeshiva University.

The reason behind the resignation: Professor Karchmer explained how his decision to the university’s lackluster response to antisemitism following Hamas’s October 7 attack on Israel, made his decision to leave MIT that much easier. The move also comes as Jewish and Israeli educational institutions have made a play for Jewish students in light of widespread concern about campus antisemitism.

“YU is unique because it consists of extremely bright, accomplished faculty and students who could be in any university in the U.S., but they choose Yeshiva University because of what Yeshiva University is, what it stands for,” said Dr. Karchmer.

“These are the kind of students I want to teach, and who will make a positive difference in the world.”  



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