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28 Staten Island Residence Make Up Holocaust Survivor List

Staten Island, New York -- Four years ago, Selfhelp Community Services – a Senior care management company in New York – released a demographic analysis which projected the needs of Holocaust survivors through the year 2025. Their revised findings continue to challenge the widespread assumption that the survivor population is disappearing. In fact, in the year 2025, it is projected that approximately 23,400 Holocaust survivors will still be living in the New York City Metropolitan Area.

As of today, the Staten Island Holocaust Center (SIHC) is officially proud to boast 28 Holocaust survivors that currently live in the borough.

From France, to Romania, Germany, Poland, and throughout Europe, each person knows first-hand what it took to truly share their tale of survival. While their individual stories and journeys place them on this esteemed list, it is the wide-reaching hope of the community across Staten Island that their own unique testimonies remain an inspiration to all as we strive to make an impact at SIHC by furthering Holocaust Education.

From everyone with the Staten Island Holocaust Center, we want to send our well-wishes to the following Holocaust survivors in Staten Island:

Yelana and David Azriyel

Arlene Boyarsky

Khana Belotzerkozskaya

Elina Bluvshtein

Rudy Brant

Abram Elgort

Fanya Gelman

Lotta Grysman

Maria Iosub

Berta Karasek

Renee Katz

Amalie Kleinman

Larisa Krichner

Bronislava Levina

Irina Levin

Hannah and Justin Mandelbaum

Elena Reichman

Malka Schneider

Galina and David Shifrin

Yuly Ziskin

Jacqueline Zwebner

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