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Together, We Stand With Israel

In response to the attacks on Israel beginning on Shabbat, our thoughts and prayers are with the individuals and families impacted by this horrific act of violence. It is because of this that we are left with many questions and concerns, from Staten Island to Israel.

When discussing whether to enter the Gaza or not, or whether it's time to eliminate the Hamas rule, some raise the question of: "Yes, but to whom shall we hand the keys to?" "If we pluck Hamas who will come after him?" This begs the question if in World War Il the Allies asked themselves such a question? "Yes, but if we take Hitler to whom will we give the keys to? "Who will come after the third Reich? "

Fortunately for the world, they didn't ask these questions. They understood that the Reich rule must be eliminated from the world. When we watched the shocking videos of the Hamas animals kidnapping old women abusing helpless children, our hearts bleeds and cries. This immediately takes us back to the Holocaust stories. There is no difference between Hamas and Hitler's soldiers. What we are witnessing here is pure Jewish hatred. And against this we must fight and destroy and obliterate this antisemitism. Eliminating Hamas!

During the Holocaust we didn't have an army. Now we have an army, one of the strongest army in the world. This is why we built a country so such atrocities may not happen. May God protect the Israeli Army and IDF soilders!

We all are standing with Israel.

-- SIHC President, Rachel Borenstein



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